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The train that doesn’t stop?

June 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Alright, before you watch it… think about.  Really think about it, how is this going to work?  The train really doesn’t stop, yet you don’t have to pull a movie stunt where you’re riding a car alongside a moving train and jump from car to train to get on.  Seriously, it doesn’t even slow down.  Curious yet….?

Oh the Chinese, brilliant. When are they going to come up with something that will just suck some CO2 out of the air instead of us being so “green”.  Lets just dump as much CO2 in the air as we want and then take it back out, simple solution, no?


Sony hx5v Review

This camera is AWESOME!!..

I bought this nifty little device about a week ago, and it has not disappointed.  If you’re in the market for a new camera, read on.

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted my first digital camera, simply to take random pictures of my friends and I.  I wanted something cheap and easy that also took decent video.  If you want that, get the Panasonic lumix dmc-fp8.  12 megapixel camera, good photo & video quality.

It sells for about $150 and has gotten some killer reviews on amazon.  I was real close to buying this bad boy and would have saved about $150 if I had.  But, then I read about the panasonic lumix dmc-zs7.

For about $320, it’s a slightly larger but much improved version of the previous fp8.  It takes better video, with better sound.  Has a much better zoom, a wider lens(pictures will fit your computer and TV better), and more photo options.  The real kicker for me here is the 720p HD video.  Now, the camera I ended up getting (sony hx5v) takes 1080p video.  But, in side by side tests, the zs7 720p video looks almost the same, if not a little better than the hx5v 1080p video.

especially at night….

So, in the daytime the Sony hx5v video should look better than the zs7, and for only about $20 more than the zs7 you can have 1080p video, a sony camera(cmon, you know they’re the best) and most importantly the Panorama shots.

I can’t even describe how cool the panorama shots are.  This one got cut off and it still looks sweet.  You just switch it to the panorama setting, hit the picture button and slide the camera to the right.  The rest is done for you.  It is seriously, seriously awesome.  It also takes pictures faster than the zs7 so you don’t miss the “perfect picture opportunity” moment.  So the only thing the zs7 has on the hx5v is nighttime video.  But for about $340…. $20 more than the zs7, the hx5v takes better daytime video(1080p) and panorama shots.  Its worth it.  The only minor complaint I have is the battery life.  It’s pretty bad, barely lasts a full day.  It would be wise to get a 2nd battery along with the camera.  Other than that, pure awesomeness.  I would give it a 9.5/10.  Only losing a few points for the battery life.  Good job Sony.

Here’s a link to a test video I took as well…