The train that doesn’t stop?

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Alright, before you watch it… think about.  Really think about it, how is this going to work?  The train really doesn’t stop, yet you don’t have to pull a movie stunt where you’re riding a car alongside a moving train and jump from car to train to get on.  Seriously, it doesn’t even slow down.  Curious yet….?

Oh the Chinese, brilliant. When are they going to come up with something that will just suck some CO2 out of the air instead of us being so “green”.  Lets just dump as much CO2 in the air as we want and then take it back out, simple solution, no?


Sony hx5v Review

This camera is AWESOME!!..

I bought this nifty little device about a week ago, and it has not disappointed.  If you’re in the market for a new camera, read on.

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted my first digital camera, simply to take random pictures of my friends and I.  I wanted something cheap and easy that also took decent video.  If you want that, get the Panasonic lumix dmc-fp8.  12 megapixel camera, good photo & video quality.

It sells for about $150 and has gotten some killer reviews on amazon.  I was real close to buying this bad boy and would have saved about $150 if I had.  But, then I read about the panasonic lumix dmc-zs7.

For about $320, it’s a slightly larger but much improved version of the previous fp8.  It takes better video, with better sound.  Has a much better zoom, a wider lens(pictures will fit your computer and TV better), and more photo options.  The real kicker for me here is the 720p HD video.  Now, the camera I ended up getting (sony hx5v) takes 1080p video.  But, in side by side tests, the zs7 720p video looks almost the same, if not a little better than the hx5v 1080p video.

especially at night….

So, in the daytime the Sony hx5v video should look better than the zs7, and for only about $20 more than the zs7 you can have 1080p video, a sony camera(cmon, you know they’re the best) and most importantly the Panorama shots.

I can’t even describe how cool the panorama shots are.  This one got cut off and it still looks sweet.  You just switch it to the panorama setting, hit the picture button and slide the camera to the right.  The rest is done for you.  It is seriously, seriously awesome.  It also takes pictures faster than the zs7 so you don’t miss the “perfect picture opportunity” moment.  So the only thing the zs7 has on the hx5v is nighttime video.  But for about $340…. $20 more than the zs7, the hx5v takes better daytime video(1080p) and panorama shots.  Its worth it.  The only minor complaint I have is the battery life.  It’s pretty bad, barely lasts a full day.  It would be wise to get a 2nd battery along with the camera.  Other than that, pure awesomeness.  I would give it a 9.5/10.  Only losing a few points for the battery life.  Good job Sony.

Here’s a link to a test video I took as well…

Top 5 Summer Beers

#5- Smithwicks

The only heavier beer on the list, Smithwick’s (pronounced Smidicks, or Smitticks).  To me this is a lighter/better tasting/more original version of Guinness.  The original Smithwicks was brewed in 1710 in a spot where monks had been brewing ale since the 1300s.  Basically, if your Irish and you’ve never tried Smithwicks…. get on it.  If your a beer fan and you have never tried Smithwicks…… get on it.

#4- ShockTop/Blue Moon

Kind of a cop out to pick two, but these are pretty similar.  Shock top, brewed by Anheuser Busch is a more creamy, commercial, and most importantly cheap version of blue moon.  Both beers are Belgian-style wheat and spiced with orange.  Tasty and very good to sip poolside.

#3- Sam Summer

Its that time again.  The 5 months when Sam Summer is available.  Taste is a little bit of spice and a little bit of lemon.  Just don’t drink these all night, the more you drink the worse the hangover in the morning.  (ps…. did you know Samuel Adams is now Americas largest brewery, support your country, buy domestic!)

#2- Sea Dog Blueberry

Its just so good.  Obviously this beer has a blueberry taste, but unlike some “fruity” beers, the taste is not overpowering at all.  It is a great blend of beer & blueberries and you should definitely give it a try.

#1- Magic Hat #9

The ultimate summer beer and my personal 2nd favorite beer of all time.  Shades of apricot, very smooth, and something you could drink all day. Magic Hat #9 embodies a summer beer.

Cool TV Advert

Advert: its what the Brits say.  Don’t really understand it… if your going to shorten advertisement why not just go with ad?  Oh well…

Anyway this was just a cool ad, thought id post it.  It got me back into Billy Joel, though it’s not Billy Joel who sings this version.  Its a Fyfe Dangerfield cover of Billy Joel’s “She always a woman to me”…. but the Billy Joel version is better.

Healthy Beer…

May 17, 2010 1 comment

Taste buds: neutral.... Belly fat: lowest

While miller lite may not be the best tasting beer in the world, it is however the healthiest. With a mere 3.2g of carbs and only 96 calories per 12oz it is, without a doubt the healthiest beer to still have at least 4.2% alc per beer. Other beers with 60sh calories dilute the beer to under 3% per 12oz. Heavy beers have slightly upwards of 5% alcohol for reference. So if you want the highest amount of alcohol with lowest amount of beer belly….. choose miller lite

For all you fools out there, carbs are the most important part of this equation. All beers are going to have a similar amount of calories, but can vastly differ in the amount of carbs. If you have not heard of the atkins diet, basic concept is; you can eat as much fat as you want, however if you do not take in any carbs you will still lose weight. For reference, again, Miller 3.2g carbs…. bud light has 6.6g… aka… half the carbs.
If you drink alot, might as well do it without the beer belly

Lastly, but not least…

The drinks to healthiness ratio is a J curve.  If you have one to three drinks ((beer or wine(not hard alcohol), though wine has more antioxidents)) per day it is a healthy amount.  Anything above three and you enter the unhealthy zone.  The more and more you drink, the worse it is for your body.

For men: Two drinks a day=healthy.  Three drinks=neutral.

For women: One drink a day=healthy.  Two drinks=neutral.